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  • Earn Passive Income of 6.00- 8.00% APR Target Return
  • Co-Fund Short-Term Loans from 3 - 24 Months
  • Benefit from 133% Target Collateral Cover

Corporate Lending Accounts

With a  Corporate Lending Account from Initiative Ireland, you can help to deliver affordable, social and mid-market housing across Ireland and earn returns of 6.00 - 8.00% APR on your active funds, with terms ranging from 3 - 24 Months per loan.

Access the Irish Property Investments in a smarter way, as a secured co-lender. Unlike traditional property investment, with a Corporate Lending Account from Initiative Ireland your business isn’t buying a property, instead you co-fund a short-term secured loan provided to an experienced developer which is secured against a property. We manage the loan from end-to-end, you earn a fixed interest return once the homes are sold. 

Secured Property Lending

Just like with a mortgage, as a property lender, the loans are secured against the property title deeds from the start. We carefully assess each loan to assure a minimum of €133k in property collateral value is in place for every €100k released to the borrower throughout the course of the loan. This collateral cover protects you as a lender from market volatility, providing a more predictable return for lenders without all the work and risks usually involved with direct property investing. By helping to deliver social, affordable family homes, you are also doing good, making a real difference to Irish Families across the country. 

You can open your Corporate Lending Account by lodging as little as €10,000 to start and from there you can allocate your funds across multiple loans. 

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Experienced Professional Team

Initiative Ireland was founded by an experienced Irish Banking and Finance Specialists, who are passionate about delivering honest, fair and secure financial products to Irish Businesses and Everyday Investors. With decades of Risk Management and Lending experience, our team assess each loan from end-to-end, subject to strict lending criteria. Before loans are syndicated on our platform, they are subject to in-depth review by our internal credit committee and also underwitten in full by one of our Corporate Credit Partners, so you can lend with confidence co-funding institutional grade, secured property loans to earn a great return and make a lasting impact to Irish Families. 

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Initiative Ireland was founded in 2015 by a team of experienced, proven finance professionals who had a shared vision of delivering positive social impact through financially inclusive and fair services. About Us....


How do I setup a Corporate Lending Account?

Simply register, indicate that you are signing up as business lender and complete the suitability questionnaire to access the platform to view live deals. Transfer a minimum of €10,000 to your regulated e-money account provided (account details provided on the platform) to commence your lending journey.

How long are loan terms?

Loan terms provided to developers will not exceed 24 Months. Because we phase the release of funds to the developers, subject to ongoing review, there are opportunities for lenders to committ funds at the start of the loan, or at later stages. You will see each Loan Listing via our platform once you have been accredited, which indicates the expected term for that listing (ranging from 3 to 24 months).

Can I access my funds early if needed?

Loans may repay early or may take longer to realise. As such, we do not recommend that you committ funds which are needed at short notice. Should you require access to funds early, this may be acheived through re-syndication of your loan which is subject to approval and terms and conditions. Early access may result in a loss or reduction of your accrued interest on that loan. 


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