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General FAQ

What is Syndicated Finance?

Initiative Ireland is a 'peer-to-peer' or 'crowdfunding' platform with a difference. We originate, syndicate and professionally manage secured property loans on behalf of our members.

We've designed our model to be Honest, Fair and Inclusive. Our model enables Private Lenders and Institutions to fund secured property loans, accessing a secured asset class usually available only to specialist lenders.

It also provides experienced developers with competitive finance, supporting the construction of much needed family homes across Ireland.


Why specialise in Secured Property Finance?

Is property crowdlending safe?

Is Initiative Ireland Regulated?

How are Payments Managed?

Lender FAQs

Who can become a Lender?

Private Lenders

Residents of the Republic of Ireland are eligible to apply to use the Service as a Private Lender.You must be at least 18 years old with a Current Account at a duly authorised European Financial Institution acceptable to Initiative Ireland.

Customers applying from outside the Republic of Ireland may be approved subject to case by case review. For more information, please contact team@InitiativeIreland.com

A minimum of €1,000 per loan is required from Private Lending Members.

Institutional Lenders

Institutional Lenders must be registered companies. Lenders based outside of the Republic of Ireland will be subject to review on a case by case basis. Some service limitations may apply to Institutional Lenders based on regulatory territory and company structure.

A minimum of €100,000 per loan is required from Private Institutional Lending Members.

How do I Start Lending?

How much does Membership Cost?

Are my earnings subject to Tax?

Can I lend to more than 1 Tier of Debt?

When do I start earning interest on my Loans?

Do I need to sign a contract?

How are loans 'Secured'?

Can I get my money back early?

Is the interest rate fixed?

What is the difference between Tier 1 & Tier 2 Debt?

Borrower FAQs

Who can apply for a Loan?

At present our loans are only available to Property Development Companies, led by an Experienced Team. We do not lend to Private Individuals

What type of developments do you fund?

What type of finance is available?

How long are your Loan Terms?

How are Loans Secured?

How long does it take to fund a Loan?

Can I cancel my application or repay my loan early?

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