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General FAQs

Why does Property Lending make sense?

Property Investing

Property Investment is a long-established method for wealth generation and preservation, favoured by Institutional and Private Wealth Clients alike. In addition to the attractive returns available, property offers tangible security to investors that few other asset classes can match, protecting against downside risk. That said, it does have its own limitations and risks.

Investing in property directly, often requires investors to commit a large sum of money to a single property. These investments are usually long-term, meaning the liquidity of your investment is low. In the event of a downside event, the realisation of value is dependent solely upon the market value of the property, with no equity buffer to offset any valuation drops.

Recognising the strengths and weaknesses of this Asset Class, at Initiative Ireland we believe there is a better way to empower people to access the security of property investing while also overcoming most of these limitations, through Secured Property Lending.

Property Lending 

With a Private Lending Account from Initiative Ireland you can provide finance to experienced developers, to fund the acquisition and development of properties across Ireland. All our loans are secured with a first charge over the financed property, providing tangible security to our lenders. Our clients can lend as little as €1,000 per project, to achieve valuable portfolio diversification. With loan terms ranging from 3 to 24 months, our loan terms are defined for ease of financial planning.

Most importantly, we provide a maximum of 75% of the finance needed to the developer per project. The developer must source or cover the remaining 25% of funding needed. In the event of sale of the property, our lenders are repaid before the developer from the sale proceeds. This means their equity provides a minimum 25% buffer to our lenders, to further protect against downside risks.

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Lender FAQs

Who can become a Lender?

Private Lending Accounts

You must be at least 18 years old. Residents of the Republic of Ireland are eligible to open a Private Lending Account. Customers applying from outside the Republic of Ireland may be approved subject to case by case review. For more information, please contact team@InitiativeIreland.com. A minimum of €500 per loan is required to participate.

Pension Lending Accounts

Available to residents of the Republic of Ireland only.  You must be at least 18 years old. You must meet with a financial advisor and either open or have a self-managed pension to operate a Pension Lending Account. A minimum of €25,00 per loan is required.

Corporate Lending Accounts

If your company would like to lend, you may open a Corporate Lending Account. We accept applications from most countries but account opening is subject to review and approval.  A minimum of €10,000 per loan is required from Corporate Lending Account Holders.

Corporate Credit Partner Accounts

If your company or fund would like to appoint Initiative Ireland, you may open a Corporate Credot Partner Account. We accept applications from most countries but account opening is subject to review and approval.  A minimum committment of €1,000,000 is required to become a Corporate Credit Partner.

How do I Start Lending?

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What is Tier 1 Debt, Tier 2 Debt and Uni-Debt?

Borrower FAQs

Who can apply for a Loan?

At present our loans are only available to Property Development Companies, led by an Experienced Team. 

We do not lend to Private Individuals.

What type of developments do you fund?

What type of finance is available?

How long are your Loan Terms?

How are Loans Secured?

How long does it take to fund a Loan?

Can I cancel my application or repay my loan early?

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