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Please Note: Although all loans are secured against Irish Real Estate, when you lend your capital is at risk.

Syndicated Finance

At Initiative Ireland, we enable our Private Members to participate in professionally managed, property-backed loans, as part of a Private Lending Syndicate. Our model provides our members with access to Secured Property Debt, an exclusive asset class often available only to Banks and other specialist lenders. Our experienced team manages each loan from end-to-end, enabling our members to lend with confidence. We take a first legal charge over the property from Day 1 of the loan, which is held in trust for our syndicate members by our Authorised Security Trustee.

Our model enables our Private Lending Members to customise their loan portfolio in line with their own risk-reward appetite, to earn returns of 3.00% to 8.00% APR. Once a loan has been pre-approved by our Internal Credit Committee, each loan is structured into multiple Debt Tiers. These different Tiers provide different levels of risk and reward, based on the terms of the underlying loan. This enables lenders to easily build a diverse secured loan portfolio which best reflects their own risk-reward appetite.

Syndicate Membership is Free of Charge, as our service is paid for by the borrower. Members should note a minimum active balance may be required to maintain a free account. For further information, please read our  Lender's Guide .

Exclusive Asset Class

  • Loans are pre-approved by our experienced Credit Committee.
  • We manage each loan from start to finish on your behalf.
  • All projects are secured against Irish Real Estate.

Property Backed Lending

At Initiative Ireland, our internal credit committee assess and pre-approve credit applications for Secured Property Loans.  These loans are then made available to our Private Syndicate Members, for private funding. The money you commit is then lent to borrowers we trust, who are experienced property developers. All funds lodged via the platform are held with our regulated payment partner MangoPay. A first legal charge is held by Initiative Ireland Nominees Limited, in trust for the syndicate members. Initiative Ireland Nominees Limited is authorised by the Department of Justice and Equality of Ireland as a Trust and Company Service Provider. All of our loans are secured with a first legal charge over Irish Real Estate. 

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