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with a Secured Lending Account

Please Note: Although all loans are secured against Irish Real Estate, when you lend your capital is at risk.

Secured Lending...

With a Secured Lending Account from Initiative Ireland, you can join our secured lending commmunity, in funding professionally managed, institutional quality, property-backed loans, to earn 6.00% to 8.00% APR. We have partnered with our regulated payment partners, independent legal counsel and authorised security trustees, to offer:

  • Private Lending Accounts
  • Corporate Lending Accounts
  • Pension Lending Accounts (coming soon)

Using our secured lending platform, you can review pre-approved loans and decide which loans you wish to co-fund. All loans listed have been assessed by our credit committee and pre-approved by one of our Corporate Credit Partners, who lends alongside you. As such, we offer our clients access to institutional grade loans, which  have been carefully assesed and are secured against the underlying asset (the property) from day one.

Opening your Lending Account is Free of Charge and you can lend as little as €1,000 per loan, with terms from 3 to 24 months. For further information, please read our Frequently Asked Questions or call us on +353 (0)1 685 9259 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm GMT)


Secured Lending Benefits

  • Flexible - Loan terms vary from 3 to 24 Months
  • Secured - All projects are secured against Irish Property
  • Managed - We manage all loans from start to finish
  • Choice - You decide which loans you wish to fund

Financial & Data Security

Senior Loans Only

At Initiative Ireland, we funding to the developer by way of a Senior Loan, made on behalf of our lenders. As a Senior Loan, it must be repaid first, from the sale proceeds of the houses or the underlying land, before any of the borrower's other funders are repaid. This offers lower volatility of returns for our lenders and more capital security.

Secured Loans Only

Initiative Ireland only provides secured loans. This is an industry term, which means loans secured with a legal charge over a fixed asset, from day one of the loan. In our case, we require a 1st (Senior) Legal Charge over the underlying property which is being developed by the borrower, the same way a Bank would when providing a mortgage. We require a peak Loan to Value of 75% or less on all loans we provide. This means for every €750k of debt owed by the developer, the value of the underlying site (our security) should exceed €1m at that time. As such, in the event of loan default, where necessary, we should be able to sell the underlying property to fund the repayment of the loan and interest due.

Trust & Security Agent

This security is registered in the name of Initiative Ireland Nominees Limited, which it holds in trust for the lenders behind each loan. Initiative Ireland Nominees Limited is authorised by the Department of Justice and Equality of Ireland as a Trust and Company Service Provider.

Platform Security

All funds lodged via the platform are held with our regulated payment partner MangoPay. When you setup your account you must provide details of your EU Bank Account, from which you wish to lodge and receive funds. If you request withdrawal of funds from your Secured Lending Account, it may only be released to your nominated Bank Account, for your security. Initiative Ireland is a registered Data Controller, with the Data Protection Agency of Ireland and complies with industry standards for data security and encryption.


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