Exclusive Asset Class

At Initiative Ireland, we enable our Private Members to participate in professionally managed Secured Property Loans, as part of a Private Lending Syndicate. Our model provides our members with access to Secured Property Debt, an exclusive asset class often available only to Banks and other specialist lenders. Our experienced team manages each loan from end-to-end, enabling our members to lend with confidence.

Our model enables our Private Lending Members to customise their loan portfolio in line with their own risk-reward appetite, to earn returns of 3.5% to 7.5% APR. Once a loan has been pre-approved by our Internal Credit Committee, each loan is structured into multiple Debt Tiers. These different Tiers provide different levels of risk and reward, based on the terms of the underlying loan. This enables lenders to easily build a diverse loan portfolio which best reflects their own risk-reward appetite.

Syndicate Membership is Free of Charge, as our service is paid for by the borrower. Members should note a minimum balance of €10,000 may be required to maintain an Active Account. Some services are only available to members committing in excess of €500,000 a year via the platform. For further information, please read our Private Lenders Guide .

  • All loans are pre-approved by our Internal Credit Committee.
  • We manage each loan from start to finish on your behalf
  • All projects are secured against Irish Residential Real Estate.

Secured Property Loans

At Initiative Ireland, our internal credit committee assess and pre-approve credit applications for Secured Property Loans.  These loans are then made available to our Private Syndicate Members, for private funding. The money you commit is then lent to borrowers we trust, who are primarily experienced residential property developers. All listed loans are secured, ‘asset-backed‘ loans, i.e. the borrower’s asset provides tangible security over the loan. Once a loan is funded, our experienced property team manages the loan on behalf of the entire syndicate from end-to-end, providing professional and consistent service to our Private Syndicate Members and Borrowers alike.


Who can become a lender?

Private Lenders

Residents of the Republic of Ireland are eligible to apply to use the Service as a Private Lender.You must be at least 18 years old with a Current Account at a duly authorised European Financial Institution acceptable to Initiative Ireland.

Customers applying from outside the Republic of Ireland may be approved subject to case by case review. For more information, please contact team@InitiativeIreland.com

Institutional Lenders

Institutional Lenders must be registered companies. Lenders based outside of the Republic of Ireland will be subject to review on a case by case basis. Some service limitations may apply to Institutional Lenders based on regulatory territory and company structure.

How to Register?

Step 1: Apply for Membership

You can register online Here

Step 2: Activate your Account

Once your application is processed, you may be required to lodge a minimum of €10,000 to activate your account.

Step 3: Start Lending

Once you’ve activated your account you can start viewing available loans, choosing to either:

  1. Manually select loans to finance yourself, or
  2. Lenders committing in excess of €500,000 may elect for Active Management

How much does membership cost?

Registration and Membership are free at Initiative Ireland as standard.

When you lend money, we add our own fees which are passed on to the borrow.

Some additional miscellaneous fees may be incurred via your Payment Service Account, which is offered by our regulated payment service provider i.e. in the event that a payment is returned unpaid.

For full details, please see our Terms of Service.

Is my Interest subject to Tax?

Yes. The income you generate from your loans is subject to Irish Income Tax. This is NOT deducted at source and should be self-declared. Clients may request an annual income statement to facilitate their own tax return from Initiative Ireland.

Please Note: Tax Rates and classification may be subject to change in the future.

Can I lend to more than one Tier?

Yes. You can choose to invest in a one Tier or to spread your funds across both Tiers (subject to availability).

A total minimum of €10,000 is required to invest per loan.

A minimum investment of €2,500 is required if you wish to invest in a given Tier.

How much do I need to Start Lending?

You can lend as little as €10,000 per loan which is the minimum you need to lodge to activate your account.

When do I earn interest?

Once a loan term commences, Interest is accrued daily against the value of the loan. Interest is due to be repaid at the end of the loan along with your principal funds, subject to the terms of the loan.

Do I need to sign a contract?

Yes. As a Private Member you must sign-up to our Terms of Service. Thereafter each loan you finance will be governed in line with these terms of service.

How is the Loan Secured?

Each  loan is funded by a group of individual Lenders. Each Lender has a direct agreement with the Borrower however Initiative Ireland acts as the intermediary, administering the loan. Initiative Ireland Nominees Limited holds the security on the property, and any other security deemed necessary, in trust on behalf of the group of Lenders, to be managed as per the agreed Terms of Service for the loan.

Can I cancel a Loan?

No. Once you have pledged funds to a project the funds are committed for the duration of the loan.

The combined pledged funds are transferred to a segregated Loan Account, which is administered by Initiative Ireland. Over the course of the loan, we will gradually release these funds to the borrower, as per the terms of the contract.

Can I sell some of my Debt?

In some cases, where a lender needs to liquidate some of their portfolio early, Initiative Ireland may be able to facilitate a debt sale. Requests will be assessed on a case by case basis and our ability to facilitate a debt sale is subject to limitations and the performance of the underlying loan.

As such, consideration should be given by lenders to the proposed Loan Term (typically 12 – 24 months) and also lenders should be aware that a loan may overrun in the event of project delays.

Are Interest Rate Charges Fixed?

Yes. We charge a fixed interest rates to the borrower on behalf of the syndicate.

Does Initiative Ireland Guarantee Loans?

When you lend money via Initiative Ireland your capital is at risk, similar to most investment products. Initiative Ireland does not guarantee the performance of any loan however we are committed to taking all reasonable care to protect the interest of our Private Lending Members.

All loans are secured by Irish Real Estate and the release of funds is carefully managed throughout the project. Most importantly, loans are structured into separate Debt Tiers, to provide Private Lending Members with a level of optimised return to reflect the anticipated underlying risk.

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