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We are commited to building trusted partnerships with our network of experienced, professional advisors, with whom we can deliver lasting value. Our partners can join as trusted introducers and/or affiliated advisors, to offer clients one of our Secured Lending Accounts, which include:

  • Private Lending Accounts
  • Pension Lending Accounts
  • Corporate Lending Accounts

With a Secured Lending Account from Initiative Ireland, your clients have 24/7 access to review, select and commit funds to pre-approved housing development loans across Ireland. All loans listed have been carefully assessed by our experienced credit committee and also pre-approved by one of our Corporate Credit Partners, who lends alongside your clients. With the launch of our Pension Lending Accounts, clients can now commit pension funds to this secured asset-class with ease.

With a focus on sustainability above all else, we are working to build lasting partnerships with private clients as well as institutions, family offices and funds seeking alternatives to low deposit interest rates with low volatility and low correlation to other asset classes.  

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Partner Testimonial

"It has been a pleasure working with Initiative Ireland's highly experienced Team. They are very knowledgeable about the sector and help make the application process very straightforward. It is rare to encounter such an Innovative product that delivers diversification, security & returns for our clients as well as providing a positive social impact."

Private Debt Products

Private Lending Accounts

Clients can make a social impact with a Private Lending Account from Initiative Ireland, co-funding institutional grade:

  • Property Development Loans
  • Exit Finance Loans
  • Bridging Loans

Pension Lending Accounts

Clients can build for tomorrow, with a linked self-manged pension, to commit their pension to institutional grade:

  • Property Development Loans
  • Exit Finance Loans
  • Bridging Loans

Corporate Lending Accounts

Corporate can access a secure alternative to low deposit yields and deliver social impact, co-funding institutional grade:

  • Property Development Loans
  • Exit Finance Loans
  • Bridging Loans

Secured Property Finance

Experienced developers can source affordable finance from Initiative Ireland, to support:

  • Affordable Housing Projects
  • Social Housing Projects
  • Mid-Market Housing Projects

Partner Program Options

Trusted Introducers

As a trusted introducer, you can refer your existing clients to us knowing that we will endeavor to deliver an exceptional service to them at all times. You earn a fair ongoing commission and we provide a great ongoing service.

  1. Schedule an Introductory Call
  2. Sign-Up to our Program Terms
  3. Introduce Clients
  4. Receive Ongoing Reports
  5. Receive Commissions


Affiliated Advisers

As an affiliated advisor, you also agree to accept referrals from us. This enables us to gain new shared clients and you still earn the same commission as those clients you introduced to us.

  1. Sign-Up to our Program Terms
  2. Complete Product Training
  3. Provide Evidence of QFA Certification
  4. Join our Register of Affiliated QFAs
  5. Meet with clients we refer to you

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